The History of Photography – A Web Quest

The History of Photography is a very important subject with which students should familiarize themselves. For teaching this topic, I think a web quest would be a great method, since it affords the students an opportunity to a lot of research on their own. For the framework of the web quest, I would use, since it provides a well organized template that includes an introduction, areas to describe the task and process required of the student to complete the web quest, as well as a rubric that they can refer back to, to make sure that they’ve hit all the required points, and then a conclusion. This progression would make the assignment much easier for the students to understand.

In the process section of the web quest, I would provide the following links:

A Photography Timeline

Joseph Nicephore Niepce

Louis Daguerre

George Eastman

Edwin Land

The practical part of the assignment, other than the research, would be to create a timeline which includes 10 events in the history of photography that the student feels were most important, and why they feel that those particular events deserve to be noted above the others. The timeline could take the form of a graphic which includes a line, dates, and pictures of the people or artifacts which made each of the 10 contributions. The timeline could be created in powerpoint or Google Slides (The picture below is a screen grab from one of the Google Slides templates).


The only objects needed to complete this web quest would be a computer or other digital device with an internet connection that the student could use to do the research and the timeline presentation. The classroom would need to be equipped with a similar digital device, internet connection and a projector.


One thought on “The History of Photography – A Web Quest

  1. This appears to be a very good learning tool to get students familiar with the subject matter, and also motivated at the same time beyond the required assignments.
    How would you present this to the less technically advanced students?


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